Dog run job

The owners of this property got a new puppy with new demands. Their older dog had passed away, so they already had a small dog run, but it wouldn't work for the new puppy and his needs.

The owners wanted the new puppy to have a larger space, one that kept the puppy entertained, safe, contained, and outdoors. The owners wanted a taller structure, to ensure the puppy couldn't jump the fence. They also wanted a see-through fence so they could easily see their puppy at a glance. They also wanted a gate, so the owners could easily get in and out of the dog run, but they also wanted to stay on a budget.

They called NextGen, and we built a new dog run with all their needs in mind. We built a 5 foot fence using sturdy posts and agricultural fencing. We also installed a heavy-duty, agricultural gate. As part of the job, we cleaned up trash and overgrown landscaping, and now the owners and puppy are enjoying the new dog run with peace of mind.




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